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Turn your phone into an analog camera

Turn your phone into an analog camera


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YOSO was created to bring back the magic to taking pictures, as it used to be when they were taken with a photographic film.

Do you remember that excitement while triggering the shutter? We wanted to experience the sensation of surprise again, while taking photos with a smartphone. We believe that the best thing about pictures is to collect physical images. That’s why we launched YOSO. With YOSO you can take 24 or 36 pictures with a smartphone without seeing immediate effect of each picture, but only once you use up the whole virtual roll film.




YOSO – how it works


Choose size of the roll
12/24/36 photo


Choose filter




Photos don’t save on the phone, they’re stored in YOSO cloud



Pay after the roll is done


Enter shipping address


Enjoy printed collected moments.



  • miernik

    Magdalena Miernik

    CEO Lookreatywni

    I used YOSO during the weekend trip to Berlin. At the beginning I couldn’t grasp sense of this app, but then I realized, that thanks to accepting limit on the amount of photographs, I spent more time to explore and soak up the atmosphere and vibe of the city. And a real surprise was waiting for me at home, where the day after returning, I could again fully enjoy my memories from the trip, reviewing printed photos.

  • padala

    Michał Padała

    CEO Marketing Match

    I wondered how to add variety to the integration event for my team. I wanted to have a keepsake after it. YOSO turned out to be perfect choice. Something different from a photobooth, moreover each of employees has created his own story.


YOSO was created with joy, which as authors, we have in ourselves. We are smiling people who like to make other people smile . Don't be afraid to write to us with remarks, questions or doubts. We are eager to solve all problems.


1. Why aren’t photos saving on my phone?

All photos are saving to YOSO cloud, on certified servers. This allows us to send faster your photos to printing house, after you make the last snap of the roll.

2. Why can’t I preview pictures?

YOSO was created to collect moments. We want you to enjoy the photographs not only on-screen of your phone. With our app you’ll feel like you’re taking pictures, using an analog/disposable camera. Most important for us is the effect of surprise, which will accompany you when you get printed photos.

3. How long does printing of the photos take?

We pay great attention to print quality, therefore we need 2 business days to print your photos prior to shipping.

4. What is an AlbumBox?

We want to assist  you in collecting moments. To make storing of your photographs easier, we have designed a special box, where we place your photos along with stickers and magnets, so that you can take selected photographs to work or stick them somewhere in your home.